International Health Insurance for Uzbekistan based clients – how to avoid 20% withholding tax

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Most Uzbekistan based international organisations, businesses and international schools buy their health insurance from international insurers (located outside of Uzbekistan). 

Any payments made from an Uzbekistan entity to an international health insurer are subject to withholding taxes (WHT).

Withholding taxes can be up to 20% of the premium value – meaning the client will need to pay an additional 20% on top of the premium amount.

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How to avoid the 20% withholding tax

Organisations can select an international health insurer from a jurisdiction that complies with Uzbekistan’s Double Taxation Treaty (DTT) relief, which can reduce or avoid the WHT. 

We have a panel of international health insurers that are in locations that comply with the Uzbekistan Double Taxation Treaty (DTT) relief. 

Contact us for quotes and guidance in selecting the best international health insurer for your needs in Uzbekistan.  

*EO&E. This is not tax advice. Always consult with experienced tax professionals for information specific to you or your company.

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