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We’ll improve the lives of your faculty, by delivering world-class employee benefits programs, with predictable and sustainable renewals, with empathy, warmth and care.

One World Cover for Schools

One World Cover for International Schools

International schools partner with One World Cover to strategically balance their health insurance programs, so they can predictably and affordably deliver amazing benefits every year to their employees and their families.

We Are READY..

We are excited at the opportunity to begin a partnership with your school as you embark on your journey of evaluating options for further improvement and alignment of your health insurance program. We firmly believe our capabilities and experience working with international schools, coupled with our continued investment in technologies to support our clients, differentiates us as the most suitable partner for your school.

David Bortz


Michael Pennington

Group Business Director

Rob Fowler

Head Of Operations

Patrick Linehan

Head of International School Accounts

Senior Leadership Team 

David Bortz – Head of Strategy for New Clients

David is the Head of Strategy for all large accounts. David has hands-on experience with designing sustainable health insurance programs for hundreds of international schools, companies, and is one of the very few brokers globally that has extensive experience working with IGO’s.

David has also led Health and Benefits broking and placement teams with OWC.

He provides strategic account management to OWC clients, focusing on two main areas:

● staff/faculty satisfaction, and

● long term financial sustainability.

David has over 20 years’ experience in the health and benefits industry, living as an expat in Seoul, Beijing, and Shanghai since 2002, and working with clients all over the world.

Email: [email protected]

Michael Pennington – Head of Customer Experience

Michael is the Head of Customer Experience for all accounts His duties include ensuring the NPS levels of members is > 8.5

Michael has hands-on experience with implementing sustainable health insurance programs for hundreds of international schools.

Michael has personally delivered orientations to hundreds of faculties and tens of thousands of members over the last 15 years.

Michael specializes in problem solving, faculty communications, school & hospital partnerships, and innovative ways of making school programs amazing.

Michael has over 15 years experience in the health and benefits industry, and more than 20 years working as an expat. 

Michael resides in Shanghai.

Email: [email protected]

Rehan Farook – Customer Experience Manager

Email: [email protected]

Gouri Dattawadkar – Senior Customer Account 

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Rob Fowler – Head Of Operations, Global

Email: [email protected]

Nancy Cui – Head Of Operations, China

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