Control Room for Schools

Online Health Insurance Claims Data Analysis InsureTech Platform

Tired of Being in the Dark When it Comes to Your Group Health Coverage?

One World Cover has developed the region’s first proprietary digital health insurance claims data analysis platform, or “Control Room”.

It’s the only platform of its kind on the market and solves the problem of having little visibility on your health insurance investment. New subscribers to our platform consistently reduce their group health insurance premiums by between 15-20%, with no changes needed to their plan.

Group health Insurance doesn’t have to be a mysterious black hole that drains your budget with huge or unexpected premium increases. With claims data and other relevant monthly information at your fingertips, One World Cover’s Control Room keeps you in the know and puts the ability to understand, strategize, budget and negotiate back in your hands where it belongs.

In the world of data and statistics, information is power – our clients and the subscribers get access to a secure, online platform. Control Room puts all the information and data from your insurer into easy-to-understand graphs and charts that make spotting trends and potential problems simple.

  • Online dashboard with easy-to-read monthly updates on your Claims Loss Ratio and plan utilization
  • Leveraging that data to negotiate minimal year-end increases or get premium reductions
  • Expert advice on crafting a plan that balances staff satisfaction with managing costs