Health Insurance for globally mobile employees and their families

We improve the lives of our clients, by delivering world-class employee benefits programs, with predictable and sustainable renewals, with empathy, warmth and care.

One World Cover for your globally mobile employees

Organisations partner with One World Cover to strategically balance their health insurance programs, so they can predictably and affordably deliver amazing benefits every year to their employees and their families.

Are we an insurer? An agent? A broker? 

One World Cover is a specialist health insurance broker for international companies and organizations

Critically, a broker represents the best interests of the client. We are part of your team. 

We do not represent the interests of the insurers.

Why One World Cover?

Clients begin their journey with One World Cover as we improve the lives of their staff, by delivering world-class employee benefits programs, with predictable and sustainable renewals.

Clients remain on a long term journey with One World Cover, as we deliver world-class employee benefits programs with empathy, warmth and care.

Group Health Insurance Specialists For MNCs, IGOs, International Schools

Your organisation already has a budget and buys health insurance for your staff. However renewal premiums can increase drastically year on year, and the insurer’s service offering can be unpredictable.

Our organisation helps your organisation:

  • Buy from a leading global health insurer brand with a proven track record for your staff profile.
  • Get predictable and affordable renewal premiums.
  • Deliver amazing employee benefits every year to your staff and their families.

CFOs, HRDs, and leadership decision makers that aspire to get the best value ROI from your health insurance budget work with One World Cover.

If you lead your organisation’s health insurance decisions, use it as a tool to impress your staff. Make it amazing, and financially sustainable, so your organisation can deliver a consistent amazing experience from a consistent amazing insurer every year.

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“We have no hesitation in recommending One World Cover as an excellent choice of broker partner to any organisation that is looking to improve their overall staff health insurance experience.”

CFO, International School of Beijing – client for 10+ years

“One World Cover are #1 for insurance support. Thank you for all you do for our staff day in and day out.”

HR Director, International School, Thailand – client for 4+ years