Buy the worlds best International Health Insurance brands

We’ll help you compare the best international health insurers, buy at the lowest price, and access the largest global network of hospitals and clinics

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How can I get access to the best insurers, the best rates and service teams?

With more than 20 years of international health insurance experience, One World Cover is a recognized leader helping customers protect themselves, their families and their staff with the international health insurance plans.

Our comprehensive experience includes:

  • Individuals and families,
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs),
  • Corporate entities,
  • Educational institution,
  • Intergovernmental entities

We’ll help YOU compare the best international heath insurers, and then help YOU get covered at the best price, with access to the largest global networks of hospitals and clinics.

How can I compare all the international health insurers?

Our team take the pain out of comparing international health insurers – we do it all for you.

We compare only the best insurers who your family and organisation can depend on.

You’ll get a simple comparison table tailored to your family or organisation location, needs and budget, comparing the key benefits, rates and service.

Simply share with us your family details or member list (census) and we’ll prepare the comparison.

Support All Year Round, Every Year

Our team is here to support you for your entire journey abroad.

We offer year round management to ensure your health insurance plans run smoothly year after year. 

If there are any issues working with your insurer, simply escalate this to our service team and we will contact the insurers leadership team.

With our scale, we access the senior leadership at all insurers, and client issues are resolved very quickly.

This approach has helped us build long-lasting relationships and strong partnerships with our clients and insurer.

Is One World Cover an insurer? A consulting broker? An agent?

One World Cover is a consultant or broker.

Our niche is international health insurance, and related insurance such as Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment (ADD) insurance.

We represent YOUR interests, helping you find the best insurance, pricing and service for your needs.

We help individuals, family’s, businesses and organisational.

We’ll help compare international health insurers. We know the best and worst insurers, which give great services, and ultimately the best insurers for you to trust on your international journey.

We are NOT an insurer. We do NOT represent the interests of the insurers.

Why One World Cover?

There are hundreds of international health insurers in the global market. Which one work best? How can I get access to their best rates and service teams?

Our leadership team has a deep understanding of global health insurance programs, a knowledge base built from direct experience with a diverse range of clients around the world. 

This knowledge, combined with our comprehensive experience of healthcare delivery in different international markets, enables us to provide our clients with practical, actionable insights. 

Our solutions are innovative yet dependable, ensuring our clients’ investments in the health, wellness, and security of their employees are managed effectively, and maximise employee satisfaction.

Group Health Insurance Specialists For MNCs, IGOs, International Schools

Your organisation already has a budget and buys health insurance for your staff. However renewal premiums can increase drastically year on year, and the insurer’s service offering can be unpredictable.

Our organisation helps your organisation:

  • Buy from a leading global health insurer brand with a proven track record for your staff profile.
  • Get predictable and affordable renewal premiums.
  • Deliver amazing employee benefits every year to your staff and their families.

CFOs, HRDs, and leadership decision makers that aspire to get the best value ROI from your health insurance budget work with One World Cover.

If you lead your organisation’s health insurance decisions, use it as a tool to impress your staff. Make it amazing, and financially sustainable, so your organisation can deliver a consistent amazing experience from a consistent amazing insurer every year.

Click here to Schedule a 15 min Zoom Consultation directly with our strategy team via Calendly, and we’ll show you how.

“We have no hesitation in recommending One World Cover as an excellent choice of broker partner to any organisation that is looking to improve their overall staff health insurance experience.”

CFO, International School of Beijing – client for 10+ years

“One World Cover are #1 for insurance support. Thank you for all you do for our staff day in and day out.”

HR Director, International School, Thailand – client for 4+ years