Health Insurance Specialists

MNCs, SMEs, International Schools, Families & Individuals choose us.


Health Insurance Specialists

We are one of Asia’s leading health insurance brokers (health insurance consultants). Throughout Asia, from China, South-east Asia and the Middle East, we have been serving the needs of hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of employees for more than 15 years.

We have a proven track record of reducing insurance costs consecutively for multiple years, with many of the largest and leading companies in the region, all whilst keeping employees happy.

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Health Insurance for Schools

Improve faculty satisfaction, HR communications, with significant annualized premium savings for your school’s health insurance

Health Insurance for Families & Individuals

Take the financial risk and stress off your family by finding the right medical insurance for your family’s ever-growing needs

Health Insurance for Companies

Make sure your staff are covered with a smart, adaptive insurance package that will scale with your business across multiple countries

We DO NOT represent the insurance companies. Instead we represent YOUR company and YOUR employees. Our expertise focusing on sustainable benefit design, inserting the best service systems and service staff available from an insurer to work with your company, and delivering the right story to the insurers underwriters to guarantee the lowest market pricing for your group. We bring more than 15 years of practical experience working with world's leading insurance brands:

Our long-term, sustainable approach to building insurance plans that work in year one and in year 5, and beyond, is a cornerstone of One World Cover’s approach to how we work with our corporate and school clients and one that we believe best serves the needs of our client’s decision makers, business directors, financial managers, human resources and employees in the long-term.

One World Cover has worked with hundreds of small, medium and large-sized corporate clients and is one of the leading employee benefits specialists having worked with groups in size from three members to more than 1,000+ members.