Health Insurance for International Schools

We’ll improve the lives of your faculty, by delivering world-class employee benefits programs, with predictable and sustainable renewals, with empathy, warmth and care.

One World Cover for SChools

One World Cover for International Schools

Health insurance is one of the most important benefits international schools provide to their faculty. And for international school leaders health insurance can be confusing, time-consuming and costly. Through our longstanding relationships with the region’s largest and best international schools we have grown into one of the most knowledgeable, trusted and respected consultants in the industry.

International schools partner with One World Cover to strategically balance their health insurance programs, so they can predictably and affordably deliver amazing benefits every year to their employees and their families.

We Are READY..

We are excited at the opportunity to begin a partnership with your school as you embark on your journey of evaluating options for further improvement and alignment of your health insurance program. We firmly believe our capabilities and experience working with international schools, coupled with our continued investment in technologies to support our clients, differentiates us as the most suitable partner for your school.


From Clients

“We have no hesitation in recommending One World Cover as an excellent choice of broker partner to any organisation that is looking to improve their overall staff health insurance experience.”

CFO, International School of Beijing – client for 10+ years

“One World Cover are #1 for insurance support. Thank you for all you do for our staff day in and day out.”

HR Director, International School, Thailand – client for 4+ years

From the Market

“The One World Cover team demands the best from us insurers and it is clear that their focus is very much on correct benefits, correctly priced, correctly contracted and correctly administered, all of which are very much in the best interests of the client.”

Hendrik Beolens, Head of Intergovernmental & MDB Unit, Allianz Worldwide Care

“One World Covers highly experienced consultants are known as best-in-industry regional experts and their strategic oversight and benefits optimization, I know, are largely responsible for the excellent long term relationships we have been able to build with our mutual clients.”

Kevin Zhou, President, Health & Benefits Division, Cigna

Click here to see many more testimonials from our long term international schools partners from around the world.


OWC has a rich history of working with International Schools over the last 15 years. International Schools partner with One World Cover to strategically balance their health insurance programs, so they can predictably and affordably deliver amazing benefits every year to their employees and their families.

We bring a long term strategic approach to our clients and partners. This strategic approach, combined with our values lead approach to faculty satisfaction, has helped us develop a fantastic reputation within the international schools community.

Over the last 15 years, we have worked with more than 100 international schools around the world.

Part of the International School Community

Since 2005, we have been active members of the global international school organisations.


COBIS Council of British International Schools

EARCOS East Asia Regional Council of Schools

FOBISIA The Federation of British International Schools in Asia

NESA Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools

We are a trusted and sought after experts for the international school community. Below One World Covers Customer Experience Director Michael Pennington was invited by Gerrick Monroe, CFO of International School Beijing (front right), to deliver a presentation on Financially Sustainable Health Insurance Plan designs to the EARCOS annual CFO & Business Managers meeting.


We know that faculty satisfaction is everything. However without a long term affordability strategy, great health insurance programs are impossible.

That’s why international schools partner with us to strategically balance their health insurance programs, so they can predictably and affordably deliver amazing benefits every year to their faculty and their families.

Our team and staff KPI’s are designed to ensure we deliver on these promises.

Faculty Satisfaction 

We have assembled a highly experienced team designed specifically to reflect your expected needs and objectives, based on our experience with international schools.

Faculty members will receive orientation, ongoing training throughout the year, communications, and contact details from our team.

During the many Covid lock downs across many countries, we were unable to visit schools as regularly as we did previously. Therefore we transitioned our customer service team to Zoom also for members:

Employee Communications

We have extensive experience in developing medical and benefit plan communications for staff and their dependents.

Our highly experienced team has a vast support network including specialist claims advisors who can give advice on claims as well as assist faculty members on any claims escalations that may occur.

All claims are managed to our standard brokering SLA’s which will be shared upon appointment.

What is your approach to securing the best rates?

Critically – long term strategy we educate and train our clients to OWN their schools’ loss ratio.

Then we we apply a long term strategy to loss ratio management and insurer relationships.

Owning your loss ratio enables a school to put aside short term goals, and focus on the big picture – the best possible health insurance partnership, with the best insurers, at the best rate.

Owning your loss ratio

The biggest challenge international schools have to deliver amazing faculty benefits to staff year on year, is managing their loss ratios – which cascade into renewal premiums.

The happiest faculties are where the school leadership owns their loss ratio, embraces it, and works with it – we see this in schools all over the world.

It is achievable, it’s where your school will see the best results, and it is also where you will build long term trust with your faculty.

We have developed a number of proprietary tech tools that offer claim clarity you need to stay a step ahead of your loss ratios.

All tools are designed to offer international school SLT strategic clarity in seconds.

Tech & Tools Available:

  • A claims analytics platform – distilled into a one page snapshot, used for strategic monitoring of claims to help forecast future performance and renewals.
  • A strategic planning tool, distilled into a one page snapshot, to lay out potential benefit design options, cost variances, and roll out scheduling.
  • A comparison tool – distilled into a one page snapshot, to compare your school’s insurance benefits against other leading schools in your region.

Why long term strategy is a must

Onboarding SLT with a 3 year strategic plan: There are some challenging goals to achieve, which will require the school’s senior leadership team (SLT) to work with OWC & AON to implement and work with a 3 year strategic plan. Whilst the SLT of SAS is moving towards a more strategic long term approach, we know from experience it takes time, analysis, transparency, education, and trust to build truly great long term partnerships – we also know from experience that a lot of challenging goals can be achieved when we do!

Senior Leadership Team

An expert group of consultants with an extensive knowledge of international health insurance gained through direct experience of handling thousands of clients is at your disposal. This experience, combined with an extensive understanding of how healthcare works, brings our clients a detailed, practical and actionable perspective.

David Bortz


Michael Pennington

Group Business Director

Rob Fowler

Head Of Operations

Patrick Linehan

Head of International School Accounts

The market – the World’s Leading Health Insurance Brands

The insurers that are servicing the international school market include: Aetna, AIA, Allianz, April, Aviva, AXA, BUPA, Cigna, Geo Blue, Generali, Henner, HSBC, IMG, MSH, Now Health, United Health Care, and more.

Experience gives us the knowledge that whilst all insurers have the ability to insure an international schools faculty, not all insurers have the ability to service school faculties well.

The insurers that are servicing the international school market include: Aetna, AIA, Allianz, ApWe know the Tier 1 Global brands such as Allianz and Cigna offer a better faculty service model, however these also come at a premium, especially if loss ratios are not currently in a good, Aviva, AXA, BUPA, Cigna, Geo Blue, Generali, Henner, HSBC, IMG, MSH, Now Health, United Health Care, and more.

We’ll work with your school leadership and budget to place your account with the best long term insurer for your school.

How we are paid

The client does not pay us directly. Our fees are paid by the insurers, at standard market rates.

The insurer collects all fees, including claim funds, reinsurance, operations, service, third party administrator (TPA), marketing, and sales (agent or broker) – all which are built into insurance premiums.

The ‘sales’ part of the fee is then paid to us as the broker. This ‘sales’ fee would otherwise go to the insurance agent / rep if your group was working directly with the insurer.

Global Reach

The OWC business model is to be a domain expert for international schools. International schools and their faculties have very similar needs and wants globally, and OWC services these schools through strategic partnerships globally, using locally licensed insurance brokers.


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