Health Insurance for Individuals

It could be that you are working somewhere overseas temporarily on a big infrastructure project. Or you could be on assignment in Asia with your company. Or perhaps you’ve packed your case and decided to try a new life in the far east as a “halfpat”

Whatever route you took to living overseas, One World Cover is here to make sure you get the best individual healthcare plan which meets your budget, and that the insurance company delivers on its promises.

Living overseas brings a unique set of challenges and there is a lot of adjusting to do. In many cases health cover can slip down your list of priorities, especially in the beginning when there is so much settling in to do, and unfamiliar sights and sounds to distract us in everyday life.

But for individuals, getting yourself properly covered with an international health insurance policy is something which should be taken care of before you arrive in your new country if possible.

Even if not, One World Cover is here to help. With immense practical experience of living in China and other parts of Asia, we have a deep comprehension of what expatriates living in this part of the world need. We match this up with our profound knowledge of the health insurance market to deliver the package which gives you the cover you need.

In tandem with our knowledge of the health insurance market, our company philosophy of building long term relations with our clients make us your ideal health cover concierge in Asia.

One World Cover is respected all over East Asia as the number one health broker for international schools. Getting to the top of one of the toughest markets around – with its high turnover of expatriate staff unfamiliar with healthcare systems in their new host country – we have gotten to the top the hard way.

During our ascent to a market leading position in this field we of course learned countless invaluable lessons to enable us to develop an excellent and focused individual international medical insurance business.

No matter what kind of cover you are looking for, no matter your age or medical background, we work, as your broker, for your benefit, with our wide range of insurance partners.

We help you access medical facilities of the highest quality. And for those working with a tighter budget, we also can provide coverage which entitles you to treatment at facilities which are still of a high standard but more affordable for those who may be pursuing their own personal adventure in Asia and are working independently or irregularly.