Health Insurance for Individuals & Families

We put you in control to understand how your premiums are being calculated and how you can manage the costs and benefits effectively.

As your trusted broker One World Cover can offer you access to packages from dozens of globally recognized insurers which can include coverage for spouses and children at less cost than you may have imagined.

Individual & Family Health

International Health Insurance for Families & Individuals

Many expatriates relocate with their families in tow and naturally the first thing on their mind is the health and well-being of their nearest and dearest.

Moving to a foreign country to work is a big undertaking at the best of times – taking one’s family adds another layer of complexity.

You may be offered a perfectly serviceable health insurance package for yourself from your employer, but it may not automatically include family members.

One World Cover

Expat Health Insurance for Individuals & Families

As a fully impartial and independent broker, One World Cover offers an advantage over going directly to insurers in that we can combine different plans from different insurers to suit each individual member of your family and combine them into one convenient package for you.

This offers a hassle-free experience for you when it comes to paying premiums and making claims.

Indeed, having a customizeable plan is the key to an effective family package. Parents may have very different health requirements, and of course children in general, being younger, may enjoy cheaper premiums thanks to their youth.

For families looking to expand, we can customize your package so that it provides access to excellent and comprehensive maternity cover. Planning a new family is a delicate matter and the arrival of a new baby may not coincide perfectly with the rest of your life.

You have have hoped your baby be born before your move abroad, but with the right cover in place, you will be able to give birth to your new child in a top quality international-standard facility in your new host country.

Coverage can cover pre and post-natal procedures, medically necessary cesarean sections, natural delivery, delivery complications, and hospital accommodation.

And of course, family members can be added to your overall family package at a later date, without any need for complicated paperwork or huge expense.

Most of all, One World Cover has extensive personal experience of dealing with family issues in China and other East Asian destinations, enabling us to source for you the most suitable plans which meet your needs, from our wide range of insurance partners.

Looking after you whole family with a family health insurance package need not be a complicated or overly expensive affair.

One World Cover Represents Your Company, Your Employees and Their Families

  • Ensure you never overpay for your health insurance plan – guaranteed access to the very best pricing for your group
  • Support and guidance for your employees and their families – so they get the most out of their health insurance plan
  • Escalation point and customer advocate for you and your employees – we’re the experts so you don’t have to be
  • Complete transparency – helping you make decisions using real-time claims data with your interests in mind