Tailored Insurance and Pensions for IGOs and NGOs

Health, Life, Pension, Assistance & Evacuation, and Retirement Planning programs for IGOs and NGOs, specifically tailored solutions to meet your organisations staff handbook.

One World Cover for IGO’S AND NGO’S

Experienced Insurance & Fund Specialists for IGOs and NGOs

Understanding the market, and knowing how to get the best competitive terms, rates and service is key to the short term and long term success of your IGO or NGO.

One World Cover is a broker that specialises in setting up tailored solutions for international organisations including IGOs and NGOs.​ 

We have worked with IGOs and NGOs from their start up phase, to set up tailored solutions to specifically meet their staff handbook which included Health, Life, Accident, Pension, Assistance & Evacuation, and Retirement Planning.

We quickly and efficiently do the heavy lifting to help align your organisations needs with insurers and funds that can service clients under international law, and offer Cradle-to-grave insurance, pension fund, and retirement solutions.

IGOs, International Law and Contracting

We have a 100% success rate in bringing programs to contract with IGO’s (in partnership with their legal team) – a very time consuming, strategic and tricky task.

Working under international law requires careful thought and contracting, with additional challenges including:

  • Generous cover to meet the staff handbook minimum requirements, to meet cradle-to-grave needs.
  • Cradle-to-grave insurance, pension fund, and retirement solutions due to staff not being covered under domestic laws where they reside.
  • Most insurers and fund providers are not set up to cater to organisations under international law, so there are limited options available to IGOs.
  • Contracting fair, reasonable and executable dispute and arbitration clauses under international law.
  • Contract parity of adequate cover across multiple countries or regions.
  • What reputable insurers are available to contract parity of adequate cover with reputable insurers within the jurisdictions where the IGO has privileges and immunities.
  • Special attention to any risks in regions currently under sanctions by the international insurance market, or carrying a ‘war status’.

Ultimately our approach is to prepare contracts with the spirit of never needing arbitration, however we do prepare them to be clear and easy to execute if needed.

Planning, Implementation, and Contracting Strategy for IGOs and NGOs

The planning, implementation, and contracting phases are a serious time commitment and undertaking for any broker and insurer, and can span many months and even years.

Which is why globally, there are very few brokers and insurers that have experience with IGOs and NGOs, as they do not have the capacity to commit to the workload needed.

IGOs and NGOs needs support from a broker that understands the investment needed and is willing to see though to contracting.

As ultimately, a failure to contract will mean a failure to transfer the IGOs or NGOs exposures and risks.

Why reach out to us?

It is our role as the broker (consultant) that represents the clients best interests, to help IGOs and NGOs navigate the insurance and pension markets:

  • we have the knowledge, experience and capacity to assist IGOs and NGOs
  • we can quickly and easily do the heavy lifting to help align your organisations needs with insurers and funds that can service organisations under international law
  • we have a 100% success rate in bringing programs to contract with IGO’s (in partnership with their legal team) – a very time consuming and difficult task
  • we demand simple and easy onboarding and exiting of staff members, to remove the pain points for HR.

We’ve done it before, we know what is takes.

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From Clients

“We have no hesitation in recommending One World Cover as an excellent choice of broker partner to any organisation that is looking to improve their overall staff health insurance experience.”

CFO, International School of Beijing – client for 10+ years

“One World Cover are #1 for insurance support. Thank you for all you do for our staff day in and day out.”

HR Director, International School, Thailand – client for 4+ years

From the Market

“The One World Cover team demands the best from us insurers and it is clear that their focus is very much on correct benefits, correctly priced, correctly contracted and correctly administered, all of which are very much in the best interests of the client.”

Hendrik Beolens, Head of Intergovernmental & MDB Unit, Allianz Worldwide Care

“One World Covers highly experienced consultants are known as best-in-industry regional experts and their strategic oversight and benefits optimization, I know, are largely responsible for the excellent long term relationships we have been able to build with our mutual clients.”

Kevin Zhou, President, Health & Benefits Division, Cigna