About One World Cover


Years Of Experience

About One World Cover

Trust, Genuine Caring, Adding Value, Quality, and Excellence are at the core or all our work.

One World Cover is a leading health insurance broker and employee benefits specialist. Hundreds of companies and international schools trust One World Cover to manage their group health insurance programs, and protect their employees all over the world.

One World Cover also offers a proprietary digital health insurance claims data analysis platform, which we call our Control Room. It’s a unique platform that gives clients unrivalled visibility on the performance of their health insurance program. You can find more information on our Control Room platform here.

Our clients’ CFOs and HR Directors rely on our caring and highly-experienced team to help with their benefits planning, and our work ensures their health insurance plans run smoothly and effectively every year, for many years. In the process we develop long term partnerships and lasting bonds with our clients.

Our Core Values

Our core values are the bedrock of everything we do. We combine the human element of what we do through our genuine caring with a powerful emphasis on data transparency, new technology and systems.

  • Long term relationships, built on Trust.
  • We lead with Genuine Caring and a customer centric philosophy.
  • We are obsessed with Adding Value and enhancing our customers’ experience.
  • We are committed to the Quality of our work.
  • We are driven to find and chase opportunities for learning, growth and Excellence.

Meet the team

Senior Leadership Team

Our leadership team has extensive knowledge of international health insurance programs globally, gained through direct experience of handling thousands of clients. This experience, combined with an extensive understanding of how healthcare is delivered in markets across the world offers clients a detailed, practical and actionable perspective.

David Bortz

Head Of Strategy For New Clients (20+ Years international markets)

Michael Pennington

Customer Experience Director (20+ Years international markets)

Nancy Cui

General Manager (25+ Years international markets)

Dr Rehan Farook

Customer experience Manager (16+ Years international markets)

No Added Costs

If you engage us a broker, our service is free to you and your company. Most importantly, the cost is the same whether you buy directly from the insurer, from their agents, or by using One World Cover as your broker. An insurance premium includes a number of contributing fees, including the agent’s or broker’s fee. This fee (also known as a commission) is paid to the channel you chose to work with, whether it’s the insurer’s direct sales team, the insurer’s agent, or a broker. The premiums are the same through all channels. Clients can also choose to work with One World Cover as a paid consultant, in which case your company pays us directly.


Our specialty is health and medical insurance, including life and accident covers. We can also help with corporate and general insurance such as property, liability, business interruption and professional indemnity insurance, as well as other lines of corporate and general insurance.

Global Reach

Thanks to our global network of trusted insurance company and broker partners, we make worldwide coverage easy for you no matter where you want to go or for how long.

Our License

We are a fully licensed broker/insurance intermediary. Unlike an insurance company’s sales agents, we do not represent the insurance companies we work with. We represents our clients while an insurance agent represents the insurance company. In other words – we are your team.