China: Current Telemedicine/Telehealth Services

Publish Date: February 12, 2020

We have been putting together a list of clinics and hospitals that are offering remote/telephone-based/telemedicine services at this time since for people in China, they might not want to visit a doctor, even if it’s for something completely unrelated to the coronavirus. It’s important that they can still speak to a doctor if needs be. We understand that Beijing United Family Hospital and Shanghai-based clinics are offering telephone-based consultations to members across mainland China.

Beijing United Family Hospital – Free

HKIMC Beijing – Paid

Raffles Medical – Paid

ParkwayHealth – Free

GlobalHealthcare (GHC) Shanghai – Paid

Shanghai United Family Hospital – Free

SinoUnited Health Shanghai – Free

JiahuiHealth Shanghai – Free

Generally speaking, remote/telephone-based/telemedicine services will not be covered by insurers, but there are plenty of free options there.

We have found most of the clinics are sharing a lot of useful information through their official Wechat accounts, and have copied some of the official account IDs below for your reference:

Beijing United Family Hospital – BeijingUnited

ParkwayHealth – Parkway_BaiHuiYiLiao

SinoUnited Health Shanghai – SinoUnited_Health

JiahuiHealth Shanghai – Jiahui-Health

As always, if you are concerned that any aspect of the insurance plans that you currently purchase might not be sufficient for your needs at this uncertain time and are interested in us reviewing (free-of-charge, no obligation) your insurance cover to ensure you are fully protected – or can be better protected in the future – please get in touch. We are happy to help. In the meantime, stay healthy.

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