2024 Medical Trend Report

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  • Global medical trend is projected to be 10.5% in 2024
  • Although medical trend in 2024 is expected to be down slightly on 2023, over the past 5 years, medical trend rates have been increasing steadily
  • Cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and musculoskeletal disorders are among the top conditions globally in terms of cost and incidence
  • There’s a growing trend of lifestyle-related health issues, such as obesity, hypertension, and mental health conditions
  • One World Cover clients always stay ahead of the medical inflation trend

Why you should download the full report

  • What is medical trend and why is it important? How does medical trend in 2024 compare with 2023? What healthcare conditions are driving medical trend? Our top tips to stay ahead of medical trend.

  • Navigate the Global Medical Landscape: Discover the projected medical trend number for your country or region. Find out why global medical trend has been on a steady rise over the last five years, emphasizing the urgent need for strategic planning to stay ahead of that trend.
  • Future Proofing: Gain essential insights into why understanding medical trends is crucial for effective financial planning and budgeting for future health insurance premium increases.
  • Expert Analysis: Grasp the comprehensive scope of medical trend beyond mere cost increases, highlighting its pivotal role in influencing health insurance premiums. Understand what healthcare conditions are driving medical trend.
  • Strategic Recommendations: Benefit from our top tips to ensure you always stay ahead of medical inflation. Learn how One World Cover’s clients consistently outpace medical inflation trends, ensuring sustainable healthcare benefits for their employees.
  • Success Stories: Understand how One World Cover’s strategic approach to managing our client’s health insurance premiums led to a net increase of just +1.1% in health insurance premiums over 11 years.

Why medical trend matters

  • Medical inflation refers to the percentage rate at which healthcare costs increase over a period of time.
  • Medical trend includes more than just medical inflation and cost increases.
  • Medical trend is an important metric that impacts health insurance premiums.
  • Understanding medical trend is essential if organizations are to effectively budget for any future increases to their health insurance premiums.

Download the full report

Gain detailed insights into the latest medical trends and learn strategies to navigate them by downloading our full report.


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