One World Cover: About us

We represent you, your family, your company, and your staff, and advise you on how to get the best health insurance protection, for the possible terms available, from the world’s most trusted insurers. We also ensure the insurer offers their best service, for the budget available. Our goal is to protect and serve our clients’ needs and interests at all times, for all matters relating to their health insurance.

Why We Are Different
We have established our business in the toughest field around – the education sector. International schools are renowned for very high maintenance service demands and cost control issues. Based on decades of experience, our team offers your family or business an unrivaled quality of service.

No-one wants to see large premium increases at renewal time, so we engage with clients to offer bespoke, financially-sustainable options, so their employees can continue to enjoy benefits and coverage from the best health insurers year after year, and avoid the unpleasant dilemma of cutting benefits or increasing costs.

Our Team
An expert group of consultants with an extensive knowledge of international health insurance gained through direct experience of handling thousands of clients is at your disposal. This experience, combined with an extensive understanding of how healthcare works in Asia, brings clients a detailed, practical and actionable perspective.

Switching to Us
Our service provides convenient access to international medical insurance, and allows a comparison of costs with your current policies. We assist clients in implementing the most suitable insurance solutions to meet their specific coverage and budget needs. As an independent adviser, we specialize in offering objective advice on all insurance options… helping you find clarity in a confusing market.

One World Cover’s wealth of global relationships and resources allows us to furnish each client with the appropriate expertise which best fits their needs. The typical One World Cover consultant is a highly-educated expat, with an in-depth understanding of the detailed facets of the international medical insurance and healthcare marketplace.

How We Are Paid
Our service is free to you and your company. You or company do not pay for our service, nor do you pay any extra for our service. The cost is the same whether you buy direct from the insurer, from their agents, or from us as your broker.

How? An insurance premium is made up of many contributing costs factors, including the distribution fee. This distribution fee is passed to the channel you chose to work with – the insurer’s direct sales team, or the insurer’s agent, or a broker. The insurer’s premiums are the same through all channels.

Our Specialty
Our speciality is health and medical insurance, including life and accident covers. We also provide business insurance such as property, liability, business interruption, professional indemnity insurance.

Our Reach
Thanks to our global network of trusted insurance partners, we make worldwide coverage easy for you no matter where you want to go or for how long.

Our Clients
We are the number one insurance broker for international schools in China. We also represent companies, individuals and families in China, Asia and beyond.

Our License
We are a fully licensed broker or insurance intermediary, however unlike an insurance company’s’ sales team or agents, we do not represent the insurance companies we work with. Simply put: an insurance broker represents the client = client representative; an insurance agent represents the insurance company = insurer representative.

All inquiries for individuals or companies located within mainland China are handled by One World Cover a division of Beijing Evertrust International Insurance Brokerage Company Ltd. Shanghai Pudong Branch, regulated by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC).

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We work with a range of health insurance providers, operating independently from the insurance companies.