Student Personal Accident Plan, global cover, tailored-made for International Schools

Student Personal Accident cover from US$40 / student / year. Worldwide cover, 365 days per year.

What happens if a student is permanently injured, disabled, or dies at school, or on a school excursion? Or a faculty member?

Does your school have an immediate compensation plan, regardless of who’s fault it is, and regardless of which country the accident occurs?

Whilst a school may not be liable to pay compensation for an accident, there will be an expectation from the wider school community that the school does pay compensation.

Most international schools do not have a compensation plan, so we’ve built this super simple product with an A+ rated global reinsurer.

Purpose of Cover

A prompt compensation payment in the event of death or disability, regardless of who is at fault, or what country the accident occurs.

Scope of Cover

If, during the policy period, an insured person sustains an injury, which within twelve (12) months of the date of the accident directly results in death or a disablement, the insurer will pay compensation according to the Table of Benefits.

NOTE: This is a personal accident compensation plan, NOT a health insurance plan. Students should have their own personal health insurance.

Student Personal Accident Plan Feature Summary*

  • Year round cover, 365 days per year, 24 hours a day
  • Worldwide cover**, including on school grounds, off school grounds
  • Covers school excursions – local and international
  • Covers sport activities – local and international
  • Covers 100% of students
  • Simple once per year application process.
  • Optional faculty enrolment (maximum age for enrolment into this scheme will be 65 years old)

Summary of Compensation Benefits *

PremiumsOption 1 Option 2Comments
Premium Per StudentUS$40 / yearUS$60 / yearMin. Premium of $10,000
Benefit Summary

Accidental DeathUS$50,000US$100,000Compensation pay-out 
Accidental Permanent DisabilityUS$50,000US$100,000Compensation pay-out subject to scale *
Funeral Expenses$10,000$20,000On top of Accidental Death
Medical ExpensesNot includedNot includedNot health insurance
Cover Summary
Geographical CoverWorldwideWorldwide** Except sanctioned countries
Operative Time224 hours / day24 hours / dayYear round cover (365 days)
* Please see the full terms and conditions. Request the full terms and conditions here

Does my international school need this? We already have liability cover

Your school may already buy:

  • Public liability cover
  • Commercial general liability cover? 
  • Employers liability?

Here’s a number of critical variables to consider:

  • Accidents are often when no party is at fault – meaning no one is liable. If there is an accident, and the school is not at fault, then likely the the liability covers will not work.
  • What if the accident occurs on an international excursion? Most liability policies are domestic cover only.
  • Are students and faculty considered third parties (meaning public)? If not, students will not be covered on a public liability policy.
  • Often schools are buying the cover locally (not an international product), and these policies are generally designed for domestic schools and organizations, under domestic laws, often meaning claims are very infrequent, and thus no compensation is paid for accidents.

Lastly, and perhaps most critically, liability claims are very slow to process, often needing 6 months or more to go through the local courts for a liability decision.

Is this how your school wants to react in such difficult circumstances?

This policy is for leadership teams who’d rather have an immediate compensation plan, regardless of who’s fault it is, and regardless of which country the accident occurs.

Simple Application Sign Up

  • One simple application form and payment per year (school completes only, so no messy contracts or forms for teachers or parents).
  • One reconciliation payment per year.

We removed the complicated stuff and monthly hassle

  • No need for faculty to fill out complicated application forms for every excursion.
  • No need for faculty to fill out complicated application forms for every sporting event.
  • No need for complicated weekly or monthly census management by admin.

Full Terms & Conditions

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Questions, or want to enquire about buying this product?

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Additional background and Q&A

About the Reinsurer

Reinsurance is provided by an A + rated global insurer that serves customers in 100+ countries and are a global leader in underwriting. Download the brochure to learn more about the reinsurer.

Aggregate risks

What happens if there is an accident where multiple injuries occur, such as a bus accident? Are there any annual aggregate limits on the plan (meaning an annual policy maximum pay out)?

The Aggregate Limit of Liability as set out in the policy is $2,000,000.

If a claim or series of claims exceeds this limit, the insurer will pay the limit shown on the policy schedule or reduce each payable claim proportionately until the combined total does not exceed the applicable limit shown on the policy schedule.

Are there any limitations of where we can buy this?**

This is not available to schools based in sanctioned countries, nor are students covered in sanctioned countries.

Not currently ready to be purchased by based in PR China, however please get in touch if interested and we can speed up the process for making available in China.

How to make a claim

Claims are easily submitted online through the insurer’s Web Portal, using standard medical documentation.

Click here to request the full terms and conditions around claiming.

Does it cover dangerous or extreme excursions and sporting events


Standard sporting events and school excursions are covered.

However, if your school is taking part in non-standard excursions and sporting events that may be considered extreme or dangerous, we encourage you to contact us to confirm coverage. Good examples of when to get in touch:

  • parachuting
  • ski diving
  • mountaineering or trips to high altitude locations, such as Everest base camp

Who is the policy for: 

This policy is tailored-made for international schools, who want a compensation plan in case of accidental disablement or death of a student (or faculty member), regardless of whose fault it is (regardless of whether the school is liable or not), and regardless of where the accident occurs globally (on or off school grounds). 

Partial Disability scale:

This is a partial disability scale. Full details are available in the insurer’s policy terms and conditions.

ItemEventPercentage of Sum Insured payable
1Accidental death100%
2Permanent total disablement100%
3Permanent and incurable paralysis of both lower limbs and part or whole of the lower half of the body (paraplegia)100%
4Permanent and incurable paralysis of all limbs (quadriplegia)100%
5Permanent loss of limbs – two or more100%
6Permanent loss of limb – one limb100%
7Permanent loss of sight of both eyes100%
8Permanent loss of sight of one eye100%
9Permanent loss of the lens of one eye75%
10Permanent loss of hearing 
both ears100%
one ear30%
11Permanent loss of speech75%
* Please see the full terms and conditions. Request the full terms and conditions here

Have more questions?

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*IMPORTANT This information is only intended to be a general reference and comparison purposes, and cannot be guaranteed to be error-free. Each insurer provides their own official documentation through quotations, table of benefits, and terms and conditions – please use the insurer’s documents for decision making. There are sub limits to the benefits which are not noted herein – please see the insurers table of benefits and quotes for full details.

All details are subject to change and updates. Please see terms of use.