Don’t Be Forced to Renew Because You Run Out of Time

It feels like you just renewed your health insurance policy a few weeks ago. But it’s wise to make sure you have plenty of time of time and information when it comes to preparing for your renewal deadline. We recommend international schools review the most up-to-date data every month and start the process of reviewing in October or November. I’m sure your experience in dealing with insurance has taught you that everything always takes longer than you think it will. Usually a lot longer. Use this renewal calendar to keep your process on track.

Click here to download the One World Cover international school renewal calendar as a downloadable PDF.

Don’t be forced to renew because you run out of time. Download and use this timeline to keep track and keep control of your policy situation. Let’s chat now about how to manage your relationship with your health insurance provider so you’re in an ideal situation come renewal time in the summer. Got questions? We’ve got answers, get in touch: [email protected]

One World Cover is a leading insurance consulting company and insurance broker to large employers of expats in Asia. We are one of Asia's leading employee benefits specialists and 100s of companies and schools trust One World Cover to help manage the quality health insurance coverage they provide for 1,000s of employees.


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