What we do

How can you improve your health insurance and lower the cost?

As a company owner or manager, we all want to protect our staff and our families. But 
getting the right medical insurance for my company for the right price can be a confusing process.

  • What benefits do we need?
  • What benefits do our competitors offer their staff?
  • Does this plan cover our staff’s pre-existing illness and medication?
  • How do I know if the plan I’m buying works properly in China, Asia or the US?
  • Where are the best hospitals and clinics for my staff?
  • Who will train my staff on how to use their health insurance?

Don’t worry, One World Cover makes medical insurance easy.

  • You can understand the right level of cover with our easy-to-use medical insurance comparisons so you never pay more than you need to
  • With insurance experts available to you at any time, you will know exactly the best plan design to put in place for your staff
  • With our orientation and onsite training, your staff will be empowered to confidently handle their health matters, emergencies, and insurance claims
  • Your HR will be empowered to seamlessly run your health insurance program throughout the year with our systemized processes and tools for HR
  • Our claim analysis tools will empower your CFO to accurately predict future pricing, and consistently reduce costs over consecutive years

Our price is the same as the insurer’s direct price, and our services are free of charge to your company. We will also save your company a further 5 – 20% of your premium renewal costs EVERY YEAR by building your company a health insurance plan that is financially sustainable, all while keeping the staff and HR happy.