An authorization letter is a vital document which formally authorizes One World Cover to work on your behalf and represent your company’s best interests in the health insurance market.

As your appointed broker, we use our profound knowledge of the health insurance market to ensure the package you sign up for best suits your needs.

We constantly assess the various products insurers put on the market, stay up to date with policy changes, and keenly observe the latest industry trends to ensure our advice is the very best available.

The letter also ensures we will provide continual support once you have signed up for a particular package, helping smooth over problems with claims or any other issues which arise with the insurer.

One World Cover is a fully independent and impartial broker and represents you, not the insurers, in the health insurance market, at all times.

It is also important to draw the distinction between a broker and an agent. A broker acts fully independently of any insurer and represents the client’s best interests.

Agents work for insurers with the specific aim of winning business for that insurer. As a result their advice may not be impartial, and they may not be transparent with you about the nature of their relationship with the insurer.

An authorization letter may be rescinded at any time by sending us written notice, electronically or through traditional means, or by appointing a different broker with a more up to date authorization letter.

Insurance brokers generally earn commissions from the insurers for new business brought to that insurer. An authorization letter written by your company, appointing One World Cover as your broker, clarifies our relationship to avoid misunderstandings with other brokers in the market and enables us to stay fully focused on serving your needs.

One World Cover is a leading insurance consulting company and insurance broker to large employers of expats in Asia. We are one of Asia's leading employee benefits specialists and 100s of companies and schools trust One World Cover to help manage the quality health insurance coverage they provide for 1,000s of employees.


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