Our Professional Affiliations

One World Cover has played an active role in the international schools community in Asia for many years, with the annual EARCOS leadership conference being a key focus of our engagement, and a great chance to catch up with our clients and friends each year.

One World Cover has been an EARCOS associate member since 2011. The East Asia Regional Council of Schools is an organization of 188 member schools in East Asia. These schools have a total of more than 115,500 pre-K to 12th grade students. EARCOS’ mission is to inspire adult and student learning through its leadership and service and foster intercultural understanding, global citizenship and exceptional educational practices within their learning community. EARCOS holds it’s annual Leadership Conference each October in southeast Asia which is one the region’s key professional development conferences for the international school community.

One World Cover has been a NESA affiliate organization since 2019. The Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools is a non-profit association of more than 100 private, independent American and international schools serving students and their families in North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. NESA’s mission is maximize student learning and serve member schools by facilitating sustainable and systemic school improvement based on the best practices of American and international education. NESA holds its Fall Leadership Conference in the Middle East each October.

One World Cover has been a COBIS Supporting Member since 2019. COBIS is the premier global association for international British schools overseas representing over 281 member schools in 79 countries. COBIS hosts a range of conferences and professional development events, both ‘face to face’ and online, for teachers, middle leaders, and support staff as well as an Annual Conference in London in May for Heads, Governors (Board Members) and members of school Senior Leadership Teams.

One World Cover has been a FOBISIA affiliate member since 2018. The Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) is a membership association of British schools in Asia. Founded in 1988 as the Federation of British International Schools in South East Asia (FOBISSEA), FOBISIA aims to promote a British style education system in schools throughout Asia and gives students the opportunity for collaboration and friendly competition through its annual sporting and musical festivals.

One World Cover has been an ACAMIS Supporting Member since 2010. ACAMIS has a membership of 77 schools ranging in size from less than 300 pupils to over 2,500 in Mongolia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. In addition to the connections it provides for students through sports tournaments and cultural events, ACAMIS also helps school staff through professional development programs and networking opportunities. ACAMIS holds it’s annual Spring Conference in a different Chinese city each March.