Something as simple as knowing your blood type can be of the utmost importance, especially if you’re living in China. Not only would your knowledge serve you well in case of a medical emergency, but also in everyday Chinese society.

In China, blood is thought of as more than the essential substance that’s pumped through our bodies. Its significance can even determine who it is we have relationships with throughout the entirety of our lives. Not only do we need blood to survive, but it’s believed to even define how one might live.

Anybody can tell you how important it is from a clinical standpoint to be sure of your blood type in case of injury. Healthcare systems around the world are constantly busy with patients and new injuries to attend to. And, with less information known of a patient or illness, the longer and more extensive diagnosis can be. For example, if you were in hospital and required a blood transfusion for any of the multitude of necessities, the process required for a completed transfusion can in cases become exponentially more efficient if you know your blood type. If you’re living in China, you should be especially privy to any kind of medical information about yourself. The healthcare system is incredibly compartmentalized, and as result can be quite slow if you need many diagnostics done at once. One person could be responsible for each feature of your entire treatment, and with more chance for error, it’s our recommendation to keep things as simple as possible.

The presence or absence of A or B antigens on the surface of your red blood cells determines your blood type. This ‘type’ represents a combination from both parents. There are a few ways you can determine your own blood type, the first of which is to contact your primary physician. If you’ve been going to them for an extended period of time, odds are they probably have your type on file. Otherwise, if you’re feeling generous, you could register to donate blood. If not, there are testing kits available that are easy to use and give you quick results.

In China, your blood type can even define your role in society. Blood type is similar in some respect to astrological signs, predicting elements of ones personality. The ABO blood group is serious business in this part of the world; there are even matchmaking services for relationships and jobs!

Whether you’re in an unfortunate accident or looking for the love of your life, knowledge of your blood type will be of great service to you. In all seriousness though, it’s vital to know this information because you’ll thank yourself if you’re unlucky enough to have to know it in the case of a medical emergency.

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