And Why You Can’t Afford Not to Have One

You wouldn’t think of heading into a courtroom without an attorney, so why tackle complicated health insurance issues without guidance from an independent expert? You might think working with a broker will be more costly but more often than not, the opposite is true. And there’s more than one way to calculate what a health insurance broker costs.

Insurance companies without an outside sales force of will often include a broker’s fees in the premiums since they’re grateful for the clients they bring. So you can get all the benefits at no added cost.

In other cases, a broker’s commission might seem like an additional fee until you do the math. If you’re paying US$100,000/year for your plan and a broker charges you 10% commission but is able to save you 20%, you’re still saving US$10,000.

Even if working with a health insurance broker costs you more in the short run, speedier claims resolution and added services provided to your HR Department saves you time and effort while increasing efficiency and employee satisfaction with less drain on your internal resources. So it’s worth it.

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