Health Insurance for International Schools

For International school leaders in China, and for teachers in their schools, expatriate healthcare and health insurance provision for faculty/staff can prove confusing, time-consuming and costly.

One World Cover is the undisputed market leader for international health insurance for schools in China, providing a fresh perspective, featuring ease of use, plain talk, transparency, choice, and good value for money.

We also serve a large number of such clients in the surrounding region and are active participants in the international education community as a member of the East Asian Council of Schools (EARCOS), the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) and The Association of International Schools of India (TAISI).

Through our regular communications with international schools we have grown into one of the most trusted and respected brokers in the education field and developed a deep understanding of the issues faced in this challenging sector.

Standards in general at international schools are high and teachers can feel the pressure to deliver from parents who are usually paying a premium for their children to receive high quality education.

Our key driving philosophy when developing relationships with international schools is sustainability – we feel this approach brings value to educational institutions which face constant change in terms of ever-increasing premiums and expatriate staff turnover.

Schools regularly having to deal with foreign staff quite unaccustomed to the sometimes unusual procedures necessary to go about getting medical treatment in a foreign country.

Foreign teachers also tend to be high maintenance for HR departments because they tend to seek medical attention only at high cost facilities and are demanding in their expectations for prompt, high quality treatment. This places a high financial burden on educational institutions, and can lead to upset staff when insurance claims don’t go as anticipated.

Michael Pennington, David Bortz attending EARCOS Leadership Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, October 2013

Michael Pennington, David Bortz attending EARCOS Leadership Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, October 2013

With many years of experience in this field One World Cover acts as virtual member of your HR team, business management team, and can provide close support with claims handling.

One World Cover’s staff are typically expats or internationally-educated Chinese who understand the problems teachers at international schools typically face and also their typical healthcare preferences.

We provide not only help with claims, but also guidance on where and how to seek treatment in your host country, and can direct you to the most appropriate kind of facilities there.

We set up systems to train faculty how to understand claim procedures, by training HR on how to best manage faculty enquiries. We also conduct on site presentations to all interested parties at the school on insurance-related matters, as well as arranging hospital tours for new arrivals With our large and extensive network of insurance partners and our inherent understanding and rich experience of the education sector, One World Cover acts as a fully independent and impartial health insurance broker for international schools.

In such a competitive and ever-changing market, the health insurance picture is a constantly changing one. What works well one year, may not be the best option the following year.

One World Cover however constantly has its finger on the pulse of developments and trends in the health insurance scene, so that you don’t have to.

We tirelessly exploit our knowledge to maintain the best health cover, and most helpful support and insightful guidance, for every international school client we have.

We offer a range of insurance services to international schools:

  • International health insurance
  • Supplementary local medical
  • Property insurance
  • Personal accident
  • Liability
  • Business interruption
  • Director’s and officers
  • Professional indemnity

Contact us today to discuss how your institution can benefit by appointing One World Cover as its official health insurance broker.