Company Health Insurance

We are one of Asia’s leading health insurance brokers and consultants.
Throughout China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, we have been serving the needs of hundreds of companies and ten of thousands of employees for more than 15 years.

One World Cover works with hundreds of small, medium and large-sized companies.

With groups ranging in size from just three to more than 1,000 members.

We have a track record of reducing costs for multiple consecutive years, for many of the largest and leading companies in the region, all while keeping employees happy.

We do this by using a number of principles and best practices, that seem to be rare in other insurers, brokers, or agents. Our tools are easy for CFOs and COOs to understand.These methods deliver a great deal of transparency, particularly in predicting claim trends and future pricing and early planning to reduce rates or prevent increases.

We welcome the chance to introduce our services further to companies looking to improve their health insurance experience. Companies that we can best assist are those struggling with the following issues:

  • Rising and unsustainable premiums
  • Insurer service issues
  • Unsatisfied employees

If your company is facing these issues, we can help.

Schedule a short online consultation. And take control over your group health insurance coverage.

As a strategic business partner, One World Cover effectively understands and represents our company's priorities when negotiating with our health insurance carrier.

Employee Benefits Director, International Schools of China

(700+ covered expat members across 8 cities in China)