Group Health Insurance

The Balancing Act: Keeping Costs Low, Employee Satisfaction High

People are the most important resource in your organization.

And we know how to help you keep them healthy with coverage and happy with their benefits while not overspending your budget.

Our 15 years of experience has taught us how to deliver a full range of related services at reduced cost along with added benefits. We keep your group premiums down by actively managing claims so the interests of your group don’t suffer if a few individuals try to use their insurance as much as possible.

We provide access to the most comprehensive group coverage packages - from hospitalization for out-patient cover, to medical evacuation, and options for coverage of pre-existing conditions - to allow a wide variety of individuals with different backgrounds to be included in one group.

Our diverse range of clients and expertise includes:

  • Multi-National Corporations
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Startups
  • Charities
  • Private Groups
  • International Schools

Through our intimate knowledge of the market and our rich experience and familiarity with the needs of expats, every move we make is done to benefit your group. From access to coverage which allows treatment at the highest standard facilities, to flexible benefits and add-ons such as wellness programs or whole family coverage, One World Cover delivers high levels of satisfaction.

Trust, Mutual Cooperation and Honesty Are the Principles That Guide Us.

Our company philosophy places a strong emphasis on discerning the most appropriate package or course of action best for you, but not necessarily the most immediately lucrative one for us. This is because we sincerely believe in the term “honest broker” and the benefit of investing in long term relationships rather than short term profit.

  • Experienced at working with international management teams
  • Skilled at satisfying even the most demanding executives
  • Transparent, straightforward claims processing
  • Detailed reports make administration more convenient and lighten your administrative burden

Contact us today to find out how you can obtain any kind of group health insurance package you may need.