At this time many private clinics and hospitals are promoting their online or telephone-based medical consultations (also known as “telemedicine”), which is understandable given that the last place many people want to be right now is at the hospital. Some of these services are free-of-charge but most are not. Generally speaking health insurance companies will not cover telemedicine services, though this is slowly changing and many of the global insurers we work with, particularly those that have specialist international school plans, are starting to include cover for telemedicine services as standard. More and more are also starting to include cover for pharmacy delivery services. 

If you are unsure if your plan covers you for such services, we recommend seeking clarification from your broker or insurance provider. We would also recommend that you make a point to add this benefit into your plan from your next renewal. So long as there are some clear rules around how such services can be accessed and eligible for cover, it should be possible for this plan change to be made for minimal cost.

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As always, if you are concerned that any aspect of the insurance plans that you currently purchase might not be sufficient for your needs at this uncertain time and are interested in us reviewing (free-of-charge, no obligation) your insurance cover to ensure you are fully protected – or can be better protected in the future – please get in touch. We are happy to help. In the meantime, stay healthy.

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