An insurer with a long-standing trusted reputation in the world of international education is soon to bring its products to the Chinese market.

Clements offers a range of insurance products geared towards expatriates working in the international education sector, such as, educator’s legal liability, directors & officers liability, political evacuation, kidnap and ransom, personal accident and life insurance.

In particular their Scholars health cover plan is a popular choice with international schools across the globe.

With benefit limits up to USD5 million per individual, no co-insurance and full coverage inside and outside the US, the plan has been a winner with expatriates working as teachers overseas.

The Scholars plan’s popularity is in part due to its comprehensive and wide-ranging nature which is able to satisfy the needs of those working in the international education sector – one of the most demanding consumer segments in health insurance.

Hospitalization, physician, surgeon, specialist fees, prescription drugs are all covered
as well as costs for inpatient and outpatient services. Many as well as covering emergency medical transportation and evacuation needs.

So far teachers working in China have not been able to take advantage of the scholars plan, or any other Clements’ package. This is set to change however as the firm are partnering with local insurer Starr China to launch their products in the Chinese market by the middle of November 2015.

Currently, Clements are in the midst of seeking approval from the China Insurance Regulatory Commission for their products.

According to Clements’ estimation, there are some 633,000 expats living in China and the country is amongst the bracket with the highest number of international schools in the world – an indication of the upwards trend in the Chinese health insurance market which is leading to the introduction of more choice and better service for expatriates in China.

“Clements Scholars offers an affordable, wide-reaching, and comprehensive plan, a best-in-class network of providers and rich member benefits,” said Kevin Liang, president of Starr China.

“We are confident about the potential of Clements Scholars in China, as well as the opportunity present in this market for products covering international property, school directors’ liability and others, for a complete suite of expatriate and international risk management coverage solutions.”

Clements will be marketing their products under Starr China’s name and don’t intend to establish their own presence in China, however according to the company, they will be working closely with Starr to use their China know-how and well developed sales
channels to sell their packages in the country.

Clements offers a range of insurance products towards expatriates such as
car, property, term life, health, specialty and high-risk insurance in over 170 countries.

Founded in 1947 in the USA, the firm currently has offices in Washington, D.C., London, and Dubai.

Are you an international educator or an HR professional working in an international school? Call us today to find out more about how we can help you enjoy Clements products.

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