Luckily for you, as an expatriate living in China the Chinese New Year provides a second chance for you to begin your resolutions for 2013 and the year of the snake. However, before springing into action to start living a healthier lifestyle this year, you may want to consider getting an annual medical check-up.

Not only does obtaining a routine health check each year serve as a preventative and early warning mechanism against illnesses that otherwise could have become much more serious in future, but they also enable you to meet with your doctor to evaluate your current state of health and lifestyle habits, and create a comprehensive strategy on taking the next steps to meet your long-term health goals.

Whilst it is common for individuals and families in China to simply pay for annual medical check-ups out-of-pocket, doing so does not always guarantee that you will consistently make the trip to the doctor each year, as it can be easy to convince oneself to instead spend the money on a night out on the town or the latest hot smart phone. Therefore One World Cover’s expert insurance consultants typically recommend that expatriates buying comprehensive medical cover in China also consider adding an extra wellness benefit to their plans. In doing so, you are further encouraged to obtain your routine health check every year, thereby promoting your own good health from the onset. Plus, an added bonus is that many international medical clinics in China will offer a discount, typically ranging from as much five to 10 percent, on their standard check-up packages for those patients using their international health insurance to cover the bulk of the expense.

As always, One World Cover’s expert, personal consultants are on hand to assist you in making the right decision on your medical cover, and purchasing a plan that includes a wellness benefit for annual medical check-ups for yourself and your family. For your quick reference, the following plan designs from our most popular international insurers for individuals and families offer cover for routine adult physical exams and well child tests on an annual basis, with direct billing available at high-end, international medical clinics in China:

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