Many expatriates come to China with their families in tow and naturally the first thing on their mind is the health and well-being of their nearest and dearest.

As your trusted broker One World Cover can offer you access to packages from dozens of globally recognized insurers which can include coverage for spouses and children at less cost than you may have imagined.

Moving to a foreign country to work is a big undertaking at the best of times – taking one’s family adds another layer of complexity.

You may be offered a perfectly serviceable health insurance package for yourself from your employer, but it may not automatically include family members.

As a fully impartial and independent broker, One World Cover offers an advantage over going directly to insurers in that we can combine different plans from different insurers to suit each individual member of your family and combine them into one convenient package for you.

This offers a hassle-free experience for you when it comes to paying premiums and making claims.

Indeed, having a customizeable plan is the key to an effective family package. Parents may have very different health requirements, and of course children in general, being younger, may enjoy cheaper premiums thanks to their youth.

For families looking to expand, we can customize your package so that it provides access to excellent and comprehensive maternity cover. Planning a new family is a delicate matter and the arrival of a new baby may not coincide perfectly with the rest of your life.

You have have hoped your baby be born before your move abroad, but with the right cover in place, you will be able to give birth to your new child in a top quality international-standard facility in your new host country.

Coverage can cover pre and post-natal procedures, medically necessary cesarean sections, natural delivery, delivery complications, and hospital accommodation.

And of course, family members can be added to your overall family package at a later date, without any need for complicated paperwork or huge expense.

Most of all, One World Cover has extensive personal experience of dealing with family issues in China and other East Asian destinations, enabling us to source for you the most suitable plans which meet your needs, from our wide range of insurance partners.

Looking after you whole family with a family health insurance package need not be a complicated or overly expensive affair.

Expat Maternity Insurance

In the past expat women would return to their home country to deliver their baby meaning the family spends time apart and when the mother returns she will may have to go through a readjustment period.

However, now-a-days, Shanghai has more than enough facilities to have a safe and clean delivery. There are now several international hospitals such as United Family Healthcare that have english speaking staff and the appropriate facilities for having a baby in China. Also many of the local Chinese hospitals have VIP areas where the the patients are given better standard of care.

If you are thinking of having your baby in a foreign country one of your first steps is that you have the right medical insurance so that the mother and baby has access to quality medical care. Maternity insurance normally covers the costs of inpatient and outpatient treatment including hospital charges, postnatal care, newborn care, obstetricians and midwives fees.

Here are a few key points to be aware of when looking for private maternity insurance:

There is an age limit of 44 for maternity cover in insurance plans as there is a higher risk of complications through the maternity period.

  • Pregnancy is seen as a pre-existing condition so before the maternity cover to begin there can be a waiting period of normally 8 to 12 months where you cannot claim for any maternity expenses. Many insurers will not provide their services to you if you are already pregnant.
  •  Congenital disease (abnormalities, deformities, diseases or injuries at birth) are not always covered whether your baby is diagnosed or not.
  • The extent of the newborn care as they can have a time limit such as 7 days from date of birth and may not cover certain items such as vaccinations. However be aware in the first 6 years of birth the child should be given vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B, Polio, Tuberculosis, Diphtheria, MMR, Encephalitis and meningitis. Also the US CDC recommends that you should also immunized for Typhoid, Japan encephalitis and Rabies if you are living in China.
  • Complications in delivery is seen as a medical condition and is usually covered by maternity cover or if not is claimed under outpatient treatment. Medically necessary caesareans sections will be covered by maternity cover however voluntary will not as it is not a delivery complication.

Like most things in life the more you pay, the more you get and medical insurance is no exception to this. So when considering your maternity cover you will also need to consider what hospital or clinic to have your pregnancy period and delivery at as the price and facilities can differ. International hospitals will have all the facilities and world class health standards however this comes at a prices that be around CNY60,000 which is only for a natural birth. Whereas Chinese Hospitals which lack in services and may have cultural differences in maternity methods are much cheaper at CNY5,000. However it is very likely that you can pay by direct billing so you will have to pay by cash or card first then make a claim.

Health Insurance for Students in China

Times can be tough when you’re a student in a foreign country. There are so many new adjustments to make and new experiences to indulge in which can distract you from your main purpose for moving overseas – to study.

Whilst moving aboard for a new job is also a challenge, there’s often a period of transition in a new job to accompany a new move. You may not be given a great deal to do in your initial stages at a new company in a new country.

But as a student, there is a need to hit the ground running and not fall behind in classes right from the very start. Exams don’t wait for you to settle in.

So taking action in advance so that you can settle in as quickly as possible is one of the best things you can do to give yourself a headstart and make the best of the time aboard, time that you will have invested a lot of finance and effort in setting up in the first place.

University is never a cheap endeavour, even in your home country. So it pays to make sure you have adequate health insurance so you are free of worries and can concentrate on your studies without worrying about your health.

And if you do encounter some illness or injury whilst studying, a good health care insurance package can be the difference between getting back on your feet and getting back to your books, and falling too far behind to catch up because you were out of action for longer than you had to be.

At One World Cover we have rich experience of the issues students coming to study in Asia typically face. Indeed many of our team have been students in this part of the world themselves.

Part of the issue students face in certain places in Asia is that typical student behaviour is often riskier.

An active social life is considered an important part of the student experience for many, and countless activities revolve around the consumption of large amounts of alcohol.

Social drinking to excess has its price anywhere, but, in China for example, you may find yourself even more ill the next day as fake alcohol is not unheard of and can lead to health issues which may require a trip to the doctor or a hospital.

One World Cover can offer you a range of packages which will cover you for your stay in Asia, and be flexible enough to be transferable back to your home country when you complete your studies.

We are also aware that many students have stricter budgetary concerns than the average expatriate – as your health insurance broker, work for you and your interests, putting at your disposal our expert knowledge of the whole market and the hundreds of plans out there.

Pick up the phone or contact us today to that we can find you the most suitable plan to meet your budget yet cover your needs so you can keep you focused on your studies.

One World Cover is a leading insurance consulting company and insurance broker to large employers of expats in Asia. We are one of Asia's leading employee benefits specialists and 100s of companies and schools trust One World Cover to help manage the quality health insurance coverage they provide for 1,000s of employees.


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