Association of China and Mongolia International Schools.

One World Cover at ACAMIS

AcamisWe have a long and proud association with this leading academic body which a prominent role within the international school education community in east Asia.

We look forward to seeing you at the ACAMIS spring conference next year on March 4 – 5 2016, at the International School of Beijing, with the th
eme, “Doing School Differently”

ACAMIS will also hold a Chinese Conference next year on July 2 – 4 2016, The British International School of Shanghai, Puxi Campus

Previous events:

ACAMIS 2015 Spring Conference
March 13 – 14, 2015
At the American International School of Guangzhou

PIctured above: Prize winners, Emma Barnes from Suzhou Singapore International School and San Chung from Canadian International School of Guangzhou. (pic on old OWC website Adam looking)

Pictured above: ACAMIS President and Head of School at Nanjing International School, Laurie McLellan and Kristin Post, ACAMIS Executive Officer, making the prize draws.

What is ACAMIS?

Established in 1999, The Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) was originally founded by schools in those two countries looking to establish a means for their sports teams to compete against one another.

The organization soon grew to encompass areas outside the sporting domain, such as public speaking, drama, and Earth Day-related activities, as well as the sharing of educational best practice.

ACAMIS now has a membership of 70 schools all over mainland China, Mongolia, Hong Kong Macau and Taiwan, ranging in size from small institutions of 300 pupils to large scale schools with an enrollment of over 2,500. Members enjoy opportunities for professional and educational advancement through friendly collaboration and formal events.

An annual Spring Conference brings together heads, aspiring heads, business managers, librarians, counselors, athletic directors, arts / cultural coordinators, curriculum coordinators, and technology directors, and a Chinese Conference focusing on language acquisition best practices, and workshops for middle managers as well as administrative personnel.

ACAMIS works closely with two other major associations in East Asia – the Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC) consisting of 12 of the region’s oldest and largest schools in China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Vietnam.
It is also a partner of the East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS) and has a major presence at the organization’s two major conferences each year.

ACAMIS believes that although APAC and EARCOS are worthy organization of great repute, they are somewhat limited in what they offer for schools with limited resources or are in more remote locations which limit their networking ability – hence the creation of ACAMIS to compensate for these factors.

One World Cover is delighted to have a close working relationship with ACAMIS and be a regular attender of its conferences and events.

Through our involvement we have gained fantastic insight into some of the more diverse international learning institutions around Greater China and Mongolia which has enabled us to widen and deepen our knowledge and comprehension of health care insurance needs for International Schools of all kinds

ACAMIS events for Academic year 2015/16

For your convenience we have compiled the following list of forthcoming ACAMIS events:

Oct 1-7 National Day Holiday (PRC holiday)
RCHK Volleyball – Green
TIS Tianjin Operational Excellence (Workshop for Support Staff)
Oct 10-11 at UISZ Cross Country
Oct 15-17 at XIS Volleyball – Yellow
Oct 22-24 at YCIS Volleyball – Red
Oct 22-24 at SCIS Volleyball – Orange
Oct 22-24 at WAB/DCB Tennis – girls at WAB, boys (tentatively) at DCB
Oct 29-31 at CISB Volleyball – Blue
Oct 29-31 at HKA Volleyball – Gold
Oct 30-31 at BISS Pudong Rugby/Netball (10 a side rugby)
Oct 31-Nov 1 at EARCOS ACAMIS Board Meeting
1 Oct 31-Nov 1 at EARCOS ACAMIS Board Meeting
Nov 5-6 at AISG Leading in Your Role: Marketing for Success
Nov 6-7 at Hangzhou International School Using MAP to Create an Effective Culture of Data Use
Nov 6-7 at SSIS Touch Rugby (new surface pending; YCIS as backup)
Nov 6-7 at XIS XIAMUN (Model United Nations)
Nov 11-13 at SIS Golf (no age limit)
Nov 12-15 at Discovery Volleyball – Silver
Nov 13-14 at ISU ACE Tournament
Nov 27-28 at BISS Pudong Table Tennis (tentative date)
Dec 21-22 at SSIS Leading in Your Role: School Nurses
Jan 1-3 New Year’s Day Holiday (PRC)
Jan 14-16 at TEDA Basketball – Yellow
Jan 21-22 at NIS Kids Read
Jan 21-23 at BCIS Basketball – Green
Jan 28-30 at IST Basketball – Red
Jan 28-30 at ISNS Basketball – Gold
Jan 28-30 at ISB Basketball – Orange
Feb 7-13 Chinese New Year Holiday (PRC)
Feb 15-16 at Renaissance (HK) Leading in Your Role: Facility Management
Feb 25-27 at DCSZ Basketball – Blue
29 Feb 25-28 at BIBA Basketball – Silver
Feb 26-28 at NIS Think Speak Act (MS MUN, MS/HS Speech/Debate,
and Community Service)